Sinkin Eco Centro Dedicates Community Garden

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The William R. Sinkin Eco Centro at San Antonio College recently hosted a dedication ceremony for its newest project, a sustainable community garden. The project was made possible by the Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas, through funding from the Bamberger Family Foundation.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Green Spaces Alliance organization to be able to provide a community garden on the SAC campus,” said San Antonio College President Dr. Robert Vela. “One of our main goals with the Sinkin Eco Centro facility has always been to provide our neighbors and community members opportunities to connect with the College, and unite around the shared vision to live a more sustainable life.”

Located on the property adjacent to the Sinkin Eco Centro building, just south of the intersection of Dewey and Ogden, the garden was built on a former city lot once occupied by a house. The garden improves and beautifies the property, provides a community garden for the surrounding neighborhood and offers education to students and the community. The garden will be used to grow fruit trees and vegetables to provide food, and houses an already existing butterfly garden, made possible by the Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT).

Sinkin Eco Centro volunteers – consisting primarily of current and former SAC students, as well as volunteers from the SATX Permaculture Group – began working on the garden project in early September. The project involved a few weeks of planning, followed by three concentrated volunteer workdays. Permaculture methods were used to amend the poor, severely compacted soil, taking advantage of the direction of the water flows on the property.

The dedication ceremony featured remarks from Dr. Vela, Director of the Sinkin Eco Centro Steven Lewis, Sinkin Eco Centro Program Coordinator Julie Cornelius, as well as board members from the Green Spaces Alliance and Bamberger Family Foundation. Attended by various students, staff and community volunteers, the ceremony featured a tour of the garden and the planting of a tree commemorating the event.

The Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas aims to sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces through land conservation, community engagement and education. In fulfilling its mission, Green Spaces Alliance runs a Community Gardens Program, partnering with various organizations to establish community gardens throughout the South Texas region. Since it was introduced in 2006, the Community Gardens Program has helped establish more than 40 community gardens.

Owned and operated by the Bamberger family, the Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve is a 5,500-acre ranch that has been described as the largest habitat restoration project on private land in Texas. Purchased in 1969 with the specific purpose of restoring habitat, the working ranch functions as both a nature preserve and educational tool. Established in 2002, the Bamberger Family Foundation aims to insure that the accomplishments and legacy of the Bamberger Ranch Preserve will live on in perpetuity.

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EcoCentro staff, Bamberger Foundation representatives, GSA staff, and volunteers celebrate the opening of the EcoCentro Community Garden.

EcoCentro staff, Bamberger Foundation representatives, GSA staff, and volunteers celebrate the opening of the EcoCentro Community Garden. Photo by GSA staff.

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