Resources for Gardeners

Who benefits from the Community Gardening Program?

working togetherBesides community gardeners, homeowners, patio gardeners, community leaders, and civic groups, everyone else benefits from Green Spaces’ services to San Antonio and our eco-region.

The Community Gardens Program exists to bolster community-supported greening efforts. Our resources include expert guidance for both community building and community greening. We also coordinate educational opportunities, materials, tools, volunteer support, and funding. We hope you opt to participate in our network but please note that the program also needs financial, human, and physical capital to continue offering these services.

Gain Educational Credits

IMG_1025Member gardens of the GSA network are required to attend a minimum of five workshops per year.

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Green Spaces hosts multiple educational events each year that provide hands-on training and exposure to pressing social and environmental topics. Garden groups may also gain credits by attending workshops hosted by local agencies and nurseries or putting on workshops at their own garden.

To gain credit for attending a non-GSA workshop, gardeners should have the reporting form signed by the presenter at the time of the workshop and submit the signed form to GSA.


Start-Up Guides

  1. Alamo Heights 2011.07.25 site visit (9)Establish your community group.
  2. Define your purpose and vision.
  3. Select an appropriate garden site and identify primary components.
  4. Determine leaders and delegate tasks.
  5. Gather resources and support.

Our team of professionals will offer advice to your community group and visit your garden site through every stage of development.

Tool Library

Gardening toolsMembers of the GSA network are welcome to borrow tools and equipment to supply volunteer projects and keep their projects growing.

  • Tillers, mowers, power saws, power drill.
  • Shovels, rakes, forks, trowels, hoe.
  • Gloves, goggles, water jugs, tables, tent.

Green Spaces maintains a wide variety of tools for network gardens to use. Complete the form to request the tools you want to borro

Forms must be submitted at least 8 days in advance of need. Tools are loaned on a first come first serve basis. Tools may not be picked up more than 3 days in advance of activity and must be returned within 3 days of activity.

Volunteer Solicitations

Members of the GSA network are welcome to request volunteer support for special garden projects and general maintenance, as needed. Garden groups should submit date, time, and location information, as well as contact information for the project leader and details about the intended project. Requests should be placed at least two weeks in advance of the volunteer event.

Volunteers may be:
Jardin de la Esperanza

  • Individuals willing to learn and do
  • Individuals with special skills, like carpentry
  • School groups
  • Civic groups
  • Businesses interested in supporting community projects

To request volunteers, network members should log-in to the garden forum.

To sign up to volunteer, as a group or an individual, go to the volunteer page.

Seasonal Material Sharing

Funding for Community Gardening Projects

Starter Funding from Green Spaces
These awards provide facilitation, advice, and some funding to help gardeners get started. Groups of eight or more unrelated individuals who want to start a garden in their neighborhood may apply. Organized neighborhood associations, non-profit corporations, housing complexes, public institutions, and unincorporated neighbor groups are also encouraged to apply when they meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Determine your eligibility.
  • Survey your neighbors.
  • Let GSA know of your intention.
  • Schedule an open community meeting and publicize it to everyone in your neighborhood.
  • Invite GSA staff to your community meeting for a presentation and to answer questions.
  • Ask attendees to commit to the project and sign-up for the core group.
  • Meet with your core group to process through the Start-up Guides.
  • Pick a couple sites based on proximity to core group members.
    Send a core group representative to our next orientation session.

New Garden Funding Orientation

These free sessions are open to anyone interested in starting a new garden project in the San Antonio area and required for those groups interested in pursuing funding from Green Spaces. Support and funding for gardening projects is available as described on the “New Gardening Project?” page.

Presenters will walk groups through the entire application process and answer questions about eligibility, scope, and approach.

Forms for Network Members

Member gardens of the GSA network are required to attend a minimum of five workshops per year. Report your attendance at a garden-related or community-building workshop.

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