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The Community Gardens Network

Since 2007, starting with just three community gardens, the network has continuously grown in numbers, services, and benefits. To date, over 40 groups – which concentrate their efforts on maintaining a community-supported and community benefiting green space – have participated in the network. Most of these serve in the traditional community garden model. But new green spaces are popping up in the form of food forests, pollinator waystations, rain gardens, and urban wildscapes.


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In San Antonio, groups are encouraged to join the Network at Green Spaces in order to reap the many benefits of our critical mass. Green Spaces does so much more than write grant proposals and provide funding for garden supplies. A team of staff, mentors, interns, volunteers, and gardeners work diligently to:

  • research best practices
  • influence future land-use ordinances and advise local officials
  • implement regionally-appropriate techniques
  • gather donated and discounted materials and services
  • vet projects and distribute available funds
  • garner the expertise of many local professionals
  • develop a new generation of stewards,
  • share knowledge, and
  • build camaraderie as the foundation of a locally resilient food system.

So long as interest in good health, local foods, and community greening continues to grow, Green Spaces will welcome additional projects into the network. Groups of enthusiastic neighbors form core groups to design, build, and maintain all the urban greenspaces in San Antonio. Join the network to reap the benefits of our services and exchange information, ideas, and resources.

To find out if a garden exists or is forming in your neighborhood, contact us or check out this online map:

Print a PDF map of area community gardens.

Catch-up with network community gardeners on their webpages.

Read the descriptions of all of the gardens.

Join the Network

New and pre-existing groups may join the network to reap all of the benefits for $100/year (if a garden is funded through GSA and participates fully, the first 5 years of these fees are waived.)

Community Garden Network members share knowledge, experiences, techniques, and excess resources with other network community gardens by:

  1. Utilizing the services of Green Spaces Alliance and other organizations.
  2. Attending or hosting free and low cost informative workshops that will extend their knowledge base.
  3. Recruiting new members, strengthening their ability to maintain and sustain a healthy community garden.
  4. Passing along excess materials and loaning equipment and/or serving as a mentor to brand new garden groups.
  5. Spreading the word about how community gardens benefit the community and the environment by making presentations, tabling at community events and/or offering garden tours.

Members of network gardens receive:

  1. Hands-on guidance from start-up through locally-appropriate maintenance.
  2. Invitations to on-line forums containing gardening techniques, offers of material resources, and connections to other gardeners.
  3. Referrals to/from volunteers and groups interested in helping gardens grow.
  4. Information about funding opportunities.
  5. Access to a huge library of regionally-appropriate garden how-to’s.
  6. And discounts when attending our educational programs.


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