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Become a Leader of Green Spaces Alliance

Become a Board Member

Green Spaces welcomes talented individuals throughout the Bexar County region who share our vision to keep South Texas green. As a Board member, you will help to govern the organization by adopting policies and ideas that work to help promote our mission.

If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, or learning more about what becoming a Board member entails, please contact Green Spaces’ Executive Director, Susan Hughes.

Become a Volunteer Advisor

Green Spaces is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help bring their expertise to the San Antonio community. As a volunteer advisor, you will become an integral part of the Green Spaces team. Whether you enjoy helping to facilitate events, draft publications, garden, or give just your “green” expertise, Green Spaces has a place for you to shine. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Bruce Fried, for more information on how to sign-up.

Become a Garden Mentor

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden, then Green Spaces has the perfect opportunity for you. GSA is  looking for Garden Mentors, willing to donate their time to one of our many gardens around the city. Duties as a Garden Mentor include:

  • Having a good knowledge of plants and gardening in South Central Texas.
  • Sharing your expertise on plant selection, techniques, and maintenance.
  • Helping the community to establish schedules for garden development and maintenance, and assigning duties to diverse members of the garden group.
  • Having fun, satisfying your passion, inspiring those who are green-behind-the-ears, and learning some tips from other  green thumbs.

Mentors must also be willing to commit at least 10 hours per month at  one of GSA’s 30 gardens around San Antonio. Your time and dedication will help a community, and a garden, grow to its full potential. Contact our Community Gardens Program Manager, Angela Hartsell about becoming a Garden Mentor today.