GSA Staff 2016
Gail Gallegos, Executive Director

Gail Gallegos has thirteen years of experience in the Natural Areas creation, oversight and management.  She has a long, working history with the City’s Edwards Aquifer Protection Program, land conservation and restoration knowledge, and wide-ranging community involvement and volunteer management experience. Gail has received the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration’s 2015 “Excellence in Ecological Restoration Award” for exemplary dedication to the conservation, management and restoration of the Texas natural resource base.  It is presented to a person who has made significant and lasting contributions to the field.  Gail is an ideal fit for Green Spaces Alliance.  She has worked extensively with the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy, Alamo Area Master Naturalists, SAWS, the San Antonio River Authority, Land Heritage Institute, Bexar and San Antonio Audubon Societies, and many other organizations to preserve and manage San Antonio’s Natural Areas and connect people with nature.  She holds a B.S. in Ecology and a M.S. in Environmental Science, emphasis in Ecology, both from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  She would love to spend every moment hiking, biking, planting, stargazing or somehow out in nature.

Philip Bedford, Land Conservation & Stewardship Manager

Philip Bedford has a Master of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Spacial Science.  While in the United States Coast Guard, he spent a majority of his off-time volunteering at local wildlife conservation programs while completing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science.  All of his life, he has been a lover of outdoors and understands the value of land conservation and importance of environmental stewardship.

Tia Moen, Community Outreach Manager

With a degree in Global Studies, Tia is interested in bringing communities together to improve environmental sustainability and quality of life for everyone through GSA’s programs. Through volunteering for many community-based causes and traveling experiences, Tia appreciates the incredible value of bringing people and ideas together to reach common goals that benefit the greater good.  As a part of greater community efforts towards creating environmental stability for future San Antonians, she is a volunteer member of the SAWS Community Conservation Committee.

Michelle Gorham, Community Gardens Manager

Michelle’s career in horticulture spans over 20 years through a variety of jobs including biodynamic farm apprentice, seed potato grower and crop development researcher, nursery manager, landscape design entrepreneur, and horticulture educator. Michelle has a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture, a M.Ed. in Agriculture and is an Alamo Area Master Naturalist. Michelle’s graduate research on community gardens was peer reviewed and published in HortTechnology. She put her research into action in her neighborhood by pioneering 2 community gardens in San Antonio’s east side. Michelle fulfills her vision of empowering people in San Antonio’s urban core to create ways to connect with nature and increase food security at the grassroots level through her work in the Community Gardens Program at Green Spaces Alliance. Michelle is a board member with the Food Policy Council of San Antonio. She lives with her husband, daughter, and many fuzzy and feathered creatures on 4 lovely acres along the San Antonio River that are just begging to be re-invigorated.

Carra Garza, Picture Your World Program Manager

Carra is a professional photographer with a certificate in Photography from the Southwest School of Art and a B.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University. Her work has been exhibited nationally in both solo and group shows. Ms. Garza’s current work consists of photographic transfer, collage and encaustic. She is an active member of the arts community serving as a docent with the McNay Art Museum since 2001, and as a former board member and current supporter of the Southwest School of Art, a member of the Texas Photographic Society and member of the Houston Center for Photography.

Tammy Andrews, Accounting and Finance Administrator

Tammy Andrews bleeds maroon and loves making numbers balance. Before coming to Green Spaces Alliance, she supported various non-profits through volunteer positions. The mother of 2 boys and wife to a handsome husband, they work as a family to reduce, recycle and reuse and make the world greener as they go. In her spare time, she runs a home bakery and loves to sit outside and read.

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