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Conservation Opportunities

Our land trust operations have a vast impact on community sustainability, citizen health, and the assurance that people have clean, affordable drinking water. Moreover, by facilitating the perpetual preservation of open spaces and their associated community values, GSA can have enormous impacts on the quality of life in our region. As more landowners make the choice to place limitations on the uses of their land — foregoing development, in particular — and protect the land’s character for the future, there builds a culture of conservation. These landowners are examples to all of us of the importance of community values over short-term profits, the individual and community gratification springing from a decision to conserve elements of history and heritage for the benefit of future generations, and the significance of a commitment to ensure that public benefits accrue from the landowner’s easement provisions.

Landowners in Bexar, Medina, and Uvalde counties have embraced conservation easements with the help of Green Spaces Alliance over the last several years. Whether you’re a rancher like George Brucks or a longtime resident like Leilani Gary, your property means a lot to you. You want to keep it as it is for your children and theirs. The City of San Antonio’s Aquifer Protection Program has preserved 133,447 acres so far, and Green Spaces has been proud to be a partner in that effort. In May of 2015, San Antonio voted for the renewal of propositions 1 and 2, allowing for continued opportunities to partner with landowners over the Edwards Aquifer – and an assurance that more of South Texas’ Lands will be protected.

Additionally, Green Spaces Alliance is a member of the “Texas Teaming with Wildlife Coalition,” and is working to raise awareness about the importance and value of native wildlife in our region.  The Texas Conservation Action Plan identifies species and habitats that define Texas and contribute to our quality of life.

Contact Green Spaces Alliance today to learn more about the benefits of conservation easements and how you can get involved.

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